Brows, Lashes, Teeth & More

We are located in a small studio in Pasadena, MD. but BIG THINGS HAPPEN in this little studio!  We can turn your biggest insecurities into your best assets.  Here at Arches for Angels, we have all been properly trained & certified by some of the best in our field!  With years of making women look & feel their best under our belts, we strive to give you the best quality results without compromising the natural you.  You will look like you, but better!!!!

Nicole McGowan

Hello, Angels!

I’m Nicole, your permanent makeup professional! Shaping brows is an art form that I take very seriously. We’ve all seen the big, dark, bold brows that can look a bit scary, right?

You’ll never have to worry about that in my hands! 

Walk out of my studio looking like you were born with the perfect brows!  With natural-looking, perfectly shaped, and shaded brows, you will look and feel more beautiful than ever!  The best part?  No more having to fill in your eyebrows every single day!  Just wake up and go!

I love what I do!  Transforming someone’s eyebrows puts a little extra sparkle in their eye.  Sometimes, it’s the smallest changes that give us the most confidenceHere at arches for angels, you don’t just get an amazing service, you get an experience to remember.


Permanent Brows

We will determine which technique is needed to give you the best possible results for your face shape. Taking into consideration, your preferences, and how much natural hair you have. No worries, we got you!  Now offering Microblading, Powder, Combo or Nano Brows.

Eyelash Extensions

We will place individual lash extensions (or fans for volume lashes) on each natural lash. Extensions will accentuate the shape of your eyes, making your lashes longer, fuller and glamorous without ever needing to wear makeup! Just wake up and go!

 Luxury Teeth Whitening

Your smile deserves to SHINE!  We will make your teeth 2-7 shades whiter.  You will walk away with confidence to show the world your gorgeous smile.

Lip Blush/ neutralization

Lip blush is perfect for pale lips that need a pop of color, or dark lips that need neutralization. (Note: lip neutralization needs at least 3 sessions).  Lip blush is not meant to look like lipstick, but gives a sheer color and shape enhancement.  Just gloss & go!

Eyelash Lift & Tint

We will lift & tint your eyelashes for a total transformation.  Your lashes will remain curled and appear darker, fuller, and longer for up to 6 weeks.

Other Services

Brow tinting/henna brows, Brow lamination

I am thrilled with Nikki’s work! My eyebrows were super thin (thanks 90’s) so I never left the house without filling them in. It was often a struggle to get them symmetrical so I was excited but nervous to try microblading. Nikki was incredibly knowledgeable, answering my questions and walking me through the process so I’d know what to expect before, during, and after. She was super sweet and personable, making me feel completely at ease. And her shop is spotless and beautifully decorated (little details matter too). Nikki took her time to map my eyebrows out beforehand, triple checking that I was pleased before beginning, and afterwards making sure I was 100% satisfied before leaving. I was so grateful that she clearly had a desire to be sure I was happy and that she was so meticulous throughout! My eyebrows look amazing! I truly couldn’t be happier. Bottom line, she’s a gem and I highly HIGHLY recommend her!

-Cardella Brink